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Sterionics is at the forefront of a new industry in medical devices based on technological advances permitting the generation of Cold Plasma. Cold Plasma is a disruptive platform technology with broad applications in numerous markets.

Cold Plasma has been demonstrated to have strong disinfection / sterilization and healing properties. It destroys bacteria, including MRSA, viruses and fungi on contact and stimulates accelerated wound healing applicable to a wide variety of wounds. Because it is generated at body temperature, cold plasma can be applied directly to human tissue without causing pain or discomfort.

Sterionics’ plasma technology generates a variety of reactive species that have been shown to be disruptive to normal bacterial, viral and spore cell growth and proliferation. Because such cells are not as advanced or robust as human cells a low dose of cold plasma disrupts and eliminates such cells before irreparable damage is done to healthy human tissue. In addition, the Sterionics’ cold plasma plume also contains favorable reactive species such as nitric oxide which have been shown to substantially enhance wound healing process at the cellular level.

Sterionics offers a simple, portable, effective sterilization device that ensures:

  • Sterilization time reduction
  • Promotes healing
  • Moderate cost
  • Low energy consumption
Sterionics is poised to launch this game-changing technology into the $25 Billion Chronic Wound Care Market.

We Challenge the Status Quo with Groundbreaking Technologies
We Challenge the Status Quo with Groundbreaking Technologies