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We Challenge the Status Quo with Groundbreaking Technologies

5iTech, LLC, is a privately held US company with offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Austin, Texas.

5iTech specializes in bringing to market paradigm-shifting technologies both as a founder of early stage ventures, and as provider of advisory services on matters related to intellectual property-driven business growth, strategic planning, patent portfolio optimization, and acquisition advice.

The company has extensive international transactional expertise and has launched a number of transnational technology companies.

As a founding member of its technology ventures, 5iTech actively guides its companies to market and wields decisive influence over its subsidiaries' development.

Each 5iTech company typically owns its intellectual property and each is designed to aggressively and efficiently advance its products to market.


Substantial commercial value can be built on the basis of carefully selected technical innovations.

The growth and recognition of such value by markets depends largerly on the skill and ability of the commercialization team to build critical mass behind the project.

An effective commercial launch ultimately depends on the construction of true partnerships among the interested parties and their dedication to the effort.