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Aria Analytics is commercializing a novel analytical technology to characterize liquids for healthcare, pharmaceutical and in-vitro diagnostic applications. Aria’s analytical instrument measures the distinctive phase changes representing the unique chemical and physical characteristics of the sample as a drop of sample liquid evaporates on the vibrating quartz sensor. This unique “fingerprint” represents information that is not readily available from any combination of analytical methods currently in use. Prior to the availability of the Aria technology, a sample profile could only be obtained by running a development phase of its commercial testing instrument. Current prototypes are being used to refine the tbattery of tests on multiple laboratory instruments. Then a skilled technical person would be needed to interpret and combine the information to capture the sample profile.

The Aria holistic approach to analysis lowers both capital and operating costs per test. Proprietary algorithms are applied to the “fingerprints” to determine important product information such as authenticity, aging, purity. These data are important in determining counterfeit products, quality control testing, manufacturing process testing, product formulation and R&D projects.

Aria’s technology has been proven in multiple industry applications and the company is in the echnology and to provide input into product design for an optimized commercial launch. To complete this work, Aria’s goal is to advance from our current prototype (on which we are developing industry applications for our partners) to a commercial system. We have begun development of some of the subassembly systems and are seeking $3-5M to continue.

We Challenge the Status Quo with Groundbreaking Technologies
We Challenge the Status Quo with Groundbreaking Technologies